AILRSA (46) Divisional Conference at Gooty on 6th January 2016

Guntakal Division - Div. Conference will held on 06th January 2016 at Gooty Depot in Railway Institute. Chief guest Com.M.N.Prasad Secretary General /Ailrsa /all India .All are invited .

Central working committe meetting of All India loco running staff association will be held in Secunderabar of SCR on 21st and 22nd feb 2015 .

ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION - All India level BGM will be held at Chittaurgarh in Rajsthan .But date are changed due to convenience of Delegate .

New deate fixed - 15th and 16th NOVEMBER 2014 .Please plan accordingly.   

                         अखिल भारतीय अधिवेशन 

आल इंडिया लोको रनिंग स्टाफ एसोसिएशन का अखिल भारतीय अधिवेशन 
चित्तौरगढ ( राजस्थान )   में दिनांक ग्यारह और बारहवी अक्टूबर २०१४ को 
होने जा रहा है । 

सातवे पे कमीशन का गठन हो चूका है । नेशन औद्योगिक ट्रिब्यूनल की  परिणाम आने को  बाकी है । SPAD  के सुझाव अभी भी पूरी तरह से लागू नहीं हो पायी  है । रेलवे हर मुकाम पर असफल नजर आ रही है । लोको पायलटो पर अत्याचार बढ़ते जा रहे है  । लोको पायलटो में असंतोष व्याप्त है  । विभिन्न पहलूओ के मद्देनजर इस अधिवेशन का महत्त्व और काफी बढ़ जाता है । 

अतः भारतीय लोको चालको से निवेदन है कि ज्यादा से ज्यादा संख्या में शामिल होवें और इस अधिवेशन को सफल बनावें | आल इंडिया लोको रनिंग स्टाफ एसोसिएशन सिर्फ आप का है और आप के लिए है | आयें हम सब मिलकर आज ही इस अधिवेशन में शरीक होने का प्रोग्राम बनायें |

Lr.No:DS/GTL.05/06/10/2013.                                                     GUNTAKAL
The Divisional Railway Manager,
South Central Railway,
Guntakal Divisional.

         Respected Sir,
                        Subject- Divisional Resolution of AILRSA

            Extended Divisional meeting was conducted under the chairmanship of Divisional                                          .            Secretary and passed the following resolution unanimously.

1. MEALS on run --- With reference to your instructions regarding eating meals while train on Run by crew, we submit that the schedule train timings does not provide any specific earmarked time to take food. Normally a train working duty at a stretch is around 8 to 10 hours, biologically human body requires food intake for every 4 to 6 hours, so when crew while working 8 to 10 hours does not take food will definitely lead to body weakness, giddiness and mental fatigue.          This will cause loss of reflexes and concentration which is serious safety hazard and also violation of one’s fundamental “Right to live`` as enshrined in constitution of India. Hence we request your good self to kindly allot time of at least 10 minutes for taking food (Breakfast/lunch/Dinner) and advice staff accordingly. So as to enable the train crew to take food at the allotted time. We further request that till such time the time allotment is advised to crew, taking food on duty should not be treated as un-authorized activity

2. PASSANGER TRAIN == Working of Train No: 57274/57273, TPTY - HBL - TPTY Intercity Passenger- One single crew working Ex: TPTY to GTL and GTL to TPTY. Total distance worked: 318 Kms. Number of stopping’s: 42.Over all duty hours exceeding 10 hours (As per record). Total wheel movement without any inactive period of duty: 08 Hrs. In this regard we submit that it is to satisfy the selfish motives of certain Vested interests in staff without any consideration for laid down norms of safety in train operations or public safety. Further there is no precedent/parallel to this type of strenuous and continuous duty/ working in whole Indian Railways. Here we submit that by permitting this unsafe passenger working, your good self would be ignoring a ticking bomb ready to explode any time bearing far reaching consequences.
                          In the interest of public safety we request your good self to order conducting scientific job analysis or appoint a committee of LI, TI ,SI and PWI to monitor this passenger working and record the very vital safety aspects with regard to sufficiency of Inter sectional running time, adherence to speed restrictions in loop lines/caution order spots as a consequence to the fatigue creeping in the working crew. The monitoring will definitely prove the fact that hapless crew discharging the duties with undiminished devotion are risking their life, career and security of family in working this train. If this problem is not resolved quickly, it will lead to depression and distress among the crew.
                        We request for reconstituting the Link and allow 02 Crews to work with relief at NRE/HX accordingly. Explicitly considering the cause and consequences of the recent SPAD cases prima facie the above facts deserve cognizance and urgent intervention in Right earnest. We sincerely believe that your good self will be sensitive to our agony and Will give due cognizance to the above grievances in right earnest and judicious Consideration in the best interest of administration, staff and Public Safety.

3.C&W STAFF-- At Renigunta yard every day CRS Attended coaches and other coaches are being attached to 57640(GNT-TPTY PASS) train to move EX:- RU-TPTY for further pit examination, but C&W staff  of Renigunta not making any endorsement on BPC and further On duty DYSS and SS/RU involving loco pilot in unnecessary arguments and thus creating mental agony as well train detention. Hence we request your good self to immediately intervene and instruct suitably to concern staff and avoid Crew and public inconvenience.

4.OUTSTATION DETENTION-- The cases of out-station detention of RU depot Loco Running Staff from Head Quarters for the month May2013 to Sep2013 is as follows:
                         Out station detention beyond 36Hrs up to 72Hrs---1000.
                         Out station detention beyond 72 Hrs----95.
Railway board issued orders vide Lr.No E (II) 2009/her/17 Dt 28.02.2010.
(RBE 37/2010) regarding reducing the absence of running staff from their Hqrs to 36 Hrs.
Railway board meeting minutes on SPAD issued vide Lr.No.2004/M(L)/466/7101,Dt 14.6.2012. We request implementation of the recommendation without any further delay. Because of high out station detention of staff from Hqrs they are not in Position to fulfill family needs which results in depression among staff and Effects on concentration in on duty.

1.                           The 7 Men Pass Link of RU depot was arbitrarily reduced to 6 Men Link, just to avoid Periodic Rest to Crew. This is Gross violation of HOER and injustice to the Renigunta depot Loco Running Staff. We request you to kindly implement 7 Men Link immediately and do justice to staff.
2.                           At Nandalur, RU based crew were not booked First-In-First-Out basis instead they were booked to their Whims and fancy to suit their convenience. This is gross violation of Railway board guidelines. We request you to kindly restore F-I-F-O booking.

3.                           Tr no 57477/57478 Ex:-TPTY-GTL-TPTY Via PAK,DMM  presently working throughout the night i.e. from 22 Hrs to 6Hrs which violation of Railway board meeting minutes on SPAD issued vide Lr no 2004/M(L)/466/7101, Dt 14.6.2012, which clearly restrict night duty working to 6 Hrs to loco running staff in preparing crew link. Hence we request for reconstituting the Link and allow 02 Crews to work with relief at MPL/KRY accordingly.

4.                           At Tirupati, out station guards are collecting CTR from LOCO PILOT at COMBINED CREW LOBBY, whereas some of Home station guards are not collecting CTR either at Lobby or at Engine, and refusing to collect. We request you to intervene and suitably instruct them in this regard.

5.                           Avoid Longer Hrs working of goods crew and crew interception which has become regular practice in div.

6.                           Crew relief should given for goods trains at Nandalur while coming from Renigunta irrespective of any Train.

7.                           Arrange ALP`S for DEMU`s also, single man working is high unsafe as fate of thousands of passengers life rest on loco pilot, with ALP in cab drastically reduces the chances of mistakes.

8.                           GARIB RATH and VASAVA Express EX-GTL-SC and GTL-SUR/SUR-GTL respectively are increasing duty hours. Kindly arrange relief crew at RC/CT and WD respectively.
Please do needful and advise accordingly. A reply in this regard is kindly solicited.
Thanking you sir,
                                                                                    Yours comradely,
Copy to,
            Sr DME/C&W/GTL,                                                                                       (G.N.SHAW)
            Sr DOM/GTL. Sr.DSO/GTL, ZS/AILRSA/SCZone


AILRSA condemn the brutal attack on Loco pilot and Asst. Loco pilot of Rajyarani exp at Dhamara ghat station in Bihar by unruly mob.Railway administration should ensure safety of Loco Pilots.

Regd. No. 17903 H/Q Aravindapalli, Lower Beniasole, Post. – Adra . Distt. Purulia (W.B.) Pin 723121
Central Office : AILRSA BHAWAN, H.No. 333, Bhoor Bharat Nagar,Ghaziabad 201001.
Tel. No. : 0120-2740025
     L. Mony                                                                                    M.N.Prasad  Central President                                                                             Secretary-General, ‘Devi Nilayam’, Kadavil Road,                                                         At:- Aravindapally,
 P.O. Vyttila – 682019, Kochi, Kerala.                           Post: Adra, Dist:-Purulia (WB)
                     Phone: 09446207312                                                                     Phone: 09434008950                                                                                                     E-mail
 ref………………                                                                        date:12.08.2013    

     Decisions are taken in CEC meeting was held on 08.08.2013 in Jain Dharmshala, presided by Com. Prabhunath Singh, VP and Com. N.B. Dutta Jt. Secy. Genl in absence of President and W/P, both were sick unable to come.

More than 50 comarades have attended but two Rlys. i.e SEC Rly, NWR, and some CEC members along with some Genl. Secys’ could not attend which you  will agree with me that, it is not a healthy sign of an militant organization, that is too, at today’s crucial time.  However, after thorough and detail discussion the following decisions are taken:-

1.       It is resolved to support whole heartily  the call for strike in Rlys. By AIRF/NFIR, if at all is materialized.  It is also resolved to request AIRF/NFIR to form a Jt. Committee like N.C.C.R.S  in 1974 in the interest of strengthening the strike and also for strong unity.  It will also be requested to include some important demands of Loco Running Staff which will be helpful to mobilize the loco men. 

2.      A it signature campaigns along with M/ship drive should be given in the month of Aug.- Sept 2013.   The matter of Jt. Signature  Will be sent shortly along-with the matter of poster. 

3.      Divisional Convention should be organized followed by Divl. Demo. and submission of Jt. Signature  In the month of Nov. at the convenience of the Division. 

4.      Zonal Convention in the month of Dec. at the Convenience of Zone followed by Zonal demo. 

5.      Levy of Rs. 7000/- per year by Zones should be continued to pay for NIT expenditure and those are on defaulter, must clear their dues Levy for KUR Division is hence forth not needed. 

6.      M/ship statement must be submitted within Dec. 2013. 

7.      20th BGM will be held in W.Rly in the month of Sept. 2014, place in W.Rly. and the delegation fee will be decided later. 

  Note:-  two days before i.e. on  5th August I took appointment with MR and Minister for Labour.  I along with Com. Jit Singh Tank accompanied by Com. Basudeo Acharia, Hon’ble M.P met with Hon’ble MR and handed over the memo enclosed with Secy. Report. Since the time of appointment by Minister for Labour was given late hence Com. Basudeo Acharia alone met with minister for Labour and discussed the issues raised in memo, enclosed with my report and minister for Labour responded positively.

   Date :-12.08.2013                                                                      M.N Prasad

                                                                                                   Secy. General.

National Industrial Tribunal hearing postponed to September 2013 since acting judge retired.We have to wait until new appointment.We the people lost faith in system.


Notice for CEC Meeting
               CEC meeting is herewith notified to be held on 8th Aug 2013 starting from 9:30 hrs in New Delhi. Meeting will be concluded by 20:00 hrs on the same day with one hour Lunch break from 13:30 hrs to 14:30 hrs.
               All CEC members are requested to attend the meeting positively.
               I also request the members of Advisory Committee and Editorial Board of our Magazine “FIRE” to attend the meeting and stay back on 09.08.2013 so that we can discuss about further improvement of our “FIRE” magazine from 9:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs.
               Special invitee is Com, Harcharan Singh to report about the progress of writing on AILRSA’s History.
Agenda to discussed 
1.      Union Election and our role, its effect on our Organization.
2.      Progress of NIT.
3.      Member Ship, Central Quota
4.      20th All India BGM to be held in 2014.
5.      Organization position and our task.
6.      Functioning of Joint Committee with AIGC

                                                                                                     Yours Comradaly
(M.N.Prasad)                                                                                 Secretary General

                    (37)NIT/MUMBAI on 17.05.2013

Summer started.Today (17.05.13) during hearing in NIT/Mumbai Railway  board looks very serious , to defend their stand . They brought three big files of documents in their support .

Next date fixed for hearing is on 15th JULY 2013.

AILRSA also filled an application to stall the preceding of newly constituted committee  on Running allowances.

AILRSA Will march ahead untill succeed .
               (36) NIT/MUMBAI on 18.04.2013.

As per the past schedule Railway board and All India Loco Running Staff Association has participated and was present in Court premises on 18.04.2013.

But Judge was not present since he  was on leave. This is a agony of running staff.Next date was fixed for hearing on 17th May 2013.

These all activities are raising a question marks in front of Running staff of Indian Railways.Why these are happening and for whom welfare ? How far it will be continue to happen. Running staff loosing faith in judiciary? May be late , till a hope of light/judgement  remains in heart of Running staff.

                                   AILRSA ZINDABAD 


                                 (35)  NIT/MUMBAI on 11.03.2013.

As per the last order of Judge in NIT/Mumbai on 21st January 3012 , Railway board has file his reply in 39 pages and paid a cheque of Rs.4000/-There for final hearing will starts on 18th April 2013 on the following demands-

1.Calculation of Running Allowances as per report by Justice Bhalla Committee.

2.Up gradation of grade pay of Running staff.
3.MACP  and 

4.Pramotional Increments.

It and all developments are the results of continuous fighting and aggitation of ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION of INDIAN RAILWAYS.Please strengthen it in all level and ground.


Pl.visit on the link ... for Hindi, which is created on more demand of Hindi belt loco pilots.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------   ------------------------                                   
                                (34) NIT/Mumbai

Judge about to take ex-prate decision on 7th January 2013. Railway Board appears and requested to participate in court preceding.Judge asked AILRSA views.Secretary General/AILRSA Com.M.N.Prasad express his objection in this regards.NIT/Mumbai...Judge allowed Railway Board on 21st January 2013 on a condition to pay Rs.4000/- as culprit and reply should be file on 11th March 2013.Railway board has accepted it.

Next sitting on 11.03.2013.


AILRSA/ Guntakal Divisiona / SCRly. Divisional meeting was conducted on 16th January 2013 under President ship of Com. R.Balaramaiah / Zonal Vice President / SCZone. Agenda was –

1) To elect new divisional body for next two years , which was long due.
2) To chalk out the program amongst all branches of Guntakal division , which was adapted in CWC/Kalyan on 5th & 6th Jnuary 2013.

The following office bearers are elected for two year ( 2013-2015 ) unanimously .

Divisional President Com. S. Gangadharan Loco Pilot / Mail./GTL

Divisional vice President Com. S.Md.Farooq. Rt.Loco Pilot / Mail/GTL

Divisional Secretary. Com. G.N.Shaw. Loco Pilot / Mail./GTL

Additional Divisional Secretary Com. M.C.Sekhar. Loco Pilot / Pass./TPTY

Divisional Organization Secretary Com. S.Sher Khan Loco Pilot / Mail / GTL

Divisional Treasurer Com. Sk.Khayum basha Rt. Loco Pilot / Mail

Additional Divisional Treasurer Com.Kommaiyya Sr,ALP/GTL 

Divisional Working Committee members -----

Guntakal Depot- Com. K.Hemant Rao Sr.ALP

Gooty Depot- Com. C.Purushotam Loco Pilot

Nandalure Depot- Com. C.Sreedhar ALP

Renigunta depot- Com.S.J.Rao ALP

2.This house passed a resolution to implement all the action program , which was passed in CWC/Kalyan on 5th & 6th January 2013.


RLC/HYB conciliation meeting was held on 7th January 2013 in RLC office between AILRSA and SCRly.APO/GTL, APO & ADME/HYB and APO & ADME/GNT appears from administration side.Rejoinder of SC,BZA, GTL & HYB was submitted and AILRSA requested time to submit rejoinder of GNT & NED.RLC/HYB decided to conduct division wise discussion.Next conciliation date on 21 January 2013 for SC, BZA & GTL Din . HYB, NED & GNT on 28th January 2013.



Branch President--

Branch Secretary-                                                                          GUNTAKAL                                 Com.A.Prasad.                                                                                  10.12.2012

Divisional Railway Manager,
Guntakal Division,
Guntakal, S.C.R.
Respected Sir,
                        Sub: - A.I.L.R.S.A Guntakal Branch meeting & its Resolution-regarding.

                        AILRSA Guntakal Branch meeting was conducted on 10th Dec’2012, 10.00Hrs at AILRSA office, Guntakal under the Chairmanship of Sri G.N.Shaw, Divisional Secretary, Guntakal Division, S.C.Railway. The meeting has passed the following resolutions for your kind redressal please.
            a.) Newly implemented crew links w.e.f 26th Nov’2012 are violating the HOER and also not fulfilling the suggestions/conditions framed by the Railway Board in Lt.No. 2004/M(L)/466/7101, minutes of the meeting regarding SPAD cases held on 14-6-12 at New Delhi.
            b) .The Railway Board has stated that every efforts is to be made to restrict absence of running staff from HQs within 36 Hrs. Saying that it will not be operationally prudent to restrict this duration to 24 Hrs vide RBE.No. 37/2010.
            c) AILRSA/GTL Branch demanding all crew links to be revised as per above railway board instructions without any delay.
            i)          Cut off Tr. No. 17307/17308 (GTL-SUR-GTL) at   WD.
            ii)         Cut off Tr. No. 12627/12628 (GTL-SUR-GTL) at WD.
            iii)        Cut off Tr. No. 16593/16594 (GTL-SBC-GTL) at DMM
            Above are increases consecutive 6hrs, night duty between 22:00  to 06.00 hrs and longer hours working.
            iv)        Cut off Tr. No. 57437/57438(GTL-HUP-GTL) at  DMM since crew are not able to avail sufficient rest at HUP because after working train number 57437 ,
               a) Crew has to perform shunting at HUP yard. 
               b) Crew has to wait for shunting movements for hours together.
               c) Sometimes it will take 3 to 4 hrs.,
               d) More ever it is regular practice that the LP (P) of GTL Depot has
                    been forced to perform shunting at  HUP yard and     
               e) Force to work the Tr.No.57438 in under rest.  It’s nothing but a real
                    harassment to GTL crew at HUP. So AILRSA strictly demands cut of Tr. No. 57437/57438 at DMM (or) Provide shunter at HUP yard.
           v) In Crew link No.3 (20 LP) from Tr. No. 17415 (GTL-UBL) to Tr. No. 17308 (SUR-GTL) there are total 7 nights continuously which is purely violation of HOER.
            vi) Crew link No. 4 of 26 LP: - From Tr. No. 14416 (GTL-TPTY) to Tr. No. 11027 (GTL-RU) there are total 7 nights continuously. It is a violation of HOER.
            vii) Crew Link No. 5 of 10LP (M):- The trip Tr. No. 15015 (GTL-DMM) onward - Tr. No. 12731/12732 (DMM-GTL-DMM)/ and Pilot by T.N:- 57438 (DMM-GTL) w/o proper rest is cheating the staff in & by violating the HOER and showing PR  in advance of 28:35 hrs of following the trip is false in nature after  on duty & working 12731 DMM-GTL at 00.03 hrs. Mentioned in the crew links continue on duty to work 12732(GTL-DMM) at 02.40 hrs from arrival to departure, gap between two trains is 02.37 hrs in the  mid night and also after working 12732 GTL-DMM crew has  directed as Rt. to HQs by  Tr. No. P/57438 at 08.10 hrs w/o rest, as per HOER this is not acceptable. 
viii) Crew link No. 10 of 22 LP (P):- Cut off Tr. No. 5747/57472 at NRE it’s more than 6 hrs duty at a stretch in passenger link which in hence more tension to LP due to more no. of stopping’s, reception on Loop lines, frequently required more extra concentration, now it’s necessary to revise it and follow RBE-37/2010.
ix) Crew link No,-1 and Crew link No.-2  will be better , if merge together and make it 9 LP link or make Crew link No.- 1 as 4 Men’s link or make a Rajdhani link with Rajdhani, Garib Rath and Durante Exp together between SC-GTL & YPY.
x) In Crew link No-1,2 & 5 having Pilot working Ex. GTL-SC-GTL ,GTL-SBC,YPR-GTL, GTL- UBL etc .but ear- marked berth are not allotted in those trains. Kindly provide ear marked accommodation in those trains or CCC/GTL should made reservation according to trains & date.
x) Trains are leaving according to public time and Crew has to be ready accordingly. AILRSA request to make link as per public time table.
            a) Crew beats to be published and notified to staff through notice board.
            b) Implement 10 hrs duties strictly.
           c) Do not harass, or Black mail, staff it asking relief.
           d) Bring back goods crew with in 36 hrs to Hqs.
           e) Allow crew to avail required 22/30hrs.PRs 5/4 in a month respectively.
           f) Avoid over time working.
           g) Fill up Loco pilot goods vacancies as per requirement immediately.
            All Mail/Exp/Pass crew links are framed with 22 hrs periodical rest except link No. 01 of 3 LP, which is not sufficient to look after all the needs of family welfare in time.  More over choosing of periodical rest 30 hrs/22 hrs is the employee’s sole discretion but not administration.
            The running allowance committee-2002 observed it in para 6 of chapter-III of its report and it recommended that “The four rest of 30hrs duration in a month should be given Regularly and provision of five rests of 22 hrs should be used occasionally” The committee clearly realized the in adequacy of rest of 22 hrs. the running staff could not fulfill social obligation with this 22 hrs rest, even night bed rest crew cannot avail .Therefore AILRSA is demanding   that our periodical rest should be 30 hrs in all crew links and though there is a provision of compensatory rest in lieu of PRs foregone in the HOER but not been granted to any running staff till now and the foregone PRs may run into hundreds of days.  Hence we demand to issue a binding assurance that the staff will be granted 4 Nos. PRs of 30 hrs in a month without fail in case of PRs foregone, compensatory rest is to be granted without fail within one month as per HOER.  We demand that a separate record of PR, PR foregone, CR in lieu of PRs fore gone of every running staff should be maintained for effective implementation of HOER and such a register shall be open for scrutiny by the running staff.

            “An aspect which is of great importance in ensuring a driver’s well-being and alertness on duty is the condition of Running Rooms” observes by Railway Safety Review committee – 1988. Renigunta, Yeswanthapur(SWR), Wadi (CR) , Nandyal  Running rooms are very worst in condition for meals.
Renigunta running Room: - all beds, bed sheets and Mosquito nets are in pettiest condition. At present subsidized meals are being provided in Renigunta, Nandyal, Yeshanthapur Running Rooms but not in a satisfactory way. Many crew are avoiding to take the subsidized meals as the quality is very poor, though railway board are prescribed certain norms for quality of  running rooms and supply of subsidized meals , are not maintained by the contractors and their primary intention are  to make profit.  The officials and Supervisors of the railways who are entrusted with monitoring of the running room & its maintenance in fact are in hand in glory with the contractors.
            Particularly in YPR/HUP running room of SBC Div (SWR) our railway employee are suspecting that there is a very big scam in that running room. Subsidized meals system is only in notice board, there are no cooks, no stove and no vessel. The contractors people supplying cheep quality & outside food to crews. If crews are not willing to take that food they are paying Rs. 17/- for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner.  The running room care taker hiding the complaint book and whenever demanded, he has to give reply that compliant book is with Sr.DME. So AILRSA suspect that in this scam all officials are also involved.
            Guntakal Division officials are paying more interest to implement zonal link and sharing of trains but they are not assure/ensure  the facilities available at other division/zone  running rooms to their staff .This is very shame to us. All other division/Zone crews are enjoying the facilities of Guntakal Division running room except Renigunta Running room. Therefore AILRSA demands inspect of Renigunta and Yeshanthapur running rooms and immediately necessary action to be taken.

5) Miscellaneous:

(a) LP Postings : Some Sr.ALPs are attended  promotional course of  LPG  and after successful completion of LP training in DTTC/GTL, ETTC/BZA and ZRTI/MLY and even those got competent certificate from above officials , one CLI  made them unfit for promotion as LPG , there by Sr.DME denied the promotion. Which is injustice and unconstitutional for right of employee, AILRSA/GTL Branch demand to arrange another LI to recouncel them and make them fit, if eligible.  Your imminent intervention expected. Those employees should be given three chances to improve themselves.

(b)  Extended Run : Our Guntakal crew are forced to work in other railway zone without  undergoing their G&SR  training and  competent certificate issued by  their ZTC/ZRTI/ Zonal training Center/School, which is highly unsafe practice and no one permitted to work any train, in any section w/o validity of certificate of those Railways. Kindly arrange to send all LP for their ZRTI for training or cancel Zonal link immediately.

(c) Grievances Register : Grievances register provided in the lobby but all staff are not satisfied because many grievances are not dealt properly in time and written reply are not provided in this regards. So the existence of Grievance register in lobby is dubious.

(d) Guntakal lobby condition:
(1)  Loco Inspectors are working as chief Crew Controller. Chief Crew Controller posts belongs to amongst the Loco Pilot. So depute / select and fill up it with Loco Pilot of Guntakal Depot immediately.
(2) Loco pilot goods are working as Shunters instead of trained Sr. ALP’s are available. (3) Long standing Chief Power Controller / Power Controllers / Crew Controllers to be sent to open line immediately and fresh selection to be conducted. New LPs should be given opportunities to work as CPRC/PRC/CC.
(4) Stop harassing staff by CCC/GTL by not granting leave, not issuing sick memos, not allowing to take PR, forcing staff to work out of turn and under rest.
(5) Fill up all Loco Pilot vacancies (in Mail/Pass/Goods/SHR/ALP) immediately.
(6) Maintain 30 percentage leave reserved.
(7) All LP/ALPs should be utilized in Mail/Pass link as per their seniority, since out of term encouraging corruption among staff.
(8) Some LPs and ALPs are utilizing for non running duties (as a Clerk) years together, they are not having LRs in any section even having acquitted Crew position in Guntakal depot and they are claiming full mileage.  Why only that particular staff are utilized for non running duties for years together. Is only officials are benefited from them?
(9) Please arrange toilets for on duty staff in Guntakal lobby, this is the very minimum requirement of work place, all staff are feels very difficulties in emergencies. Long back Sr.DPO/GTL has issued order in .this regards but till not implemented.
(e) SPAD:
These cases are increasing in GTL Division even though divisional authority is on mute spectator in taking proper remedial action. Workloads are increasing day by day many folds on Loco Pilots; LP’s are denied their privilege and social welfare by branch Officers. AILRSA GTL Branch request divisional authority to re-think deeply and implement the order of Ministry of Railway (Railway Board).  Lt.No.2004/M/(L)/466/7101, New Delhi dt. 14/06/2012 this was addressed to all GM’s to make efforts to implement.
We expect our demand would be consider in positive manner with suitable justice towards Guntakal depot running staff privilege.  We are always a front runner to improve the economy and safety of Railways.
                                                Thanking you sir
Yours Comradely,                                                                                

(Sd.Humayun)                                                                                                ( A.Prasad)
Branch President                                                                                  Branch Secretary.
 AILRSA/GTL                                                                                                AILRSA/GTL
Copy to -
1). Member Mechanical / Railway Board 2). General Manager / South Central Railway
3). CME / SCR  4). ADRM / GTL 5). Sr.DPO/GTL 6.) Sr.DME/C&W/P/GTL 7). DME(P) / GTL 8). ADME(P) / GTL 9). Sr.DSO / GTL 10). CCC / GTL 11). ZS/SCR/AILRSA & DS / AILRSA  / GTL Division 12). BS / SCRMU / LRS Branch / GTL Division 13). BS / SCRES / LRS Branch/GTLDiv. 14).All India OBC Railway Employees Association/GTL 15).All India SC/ST Railway Employee Association/GTL.


                                                        ( 30)



Lr.No01/2012/Grievances/AILRSA/SCZ DATED-30-07-2012.


Letter.No.SCR/PGTL/530/iii/ALC/RLC/HYB.Dated 02-11-2012

a). Forced to work continuously for 15-20 hrs.

GTL Division is not allowing any person to work beyond 13 Hrs from sign ‘on’ to sign ‘off’

b) Not given weekly off (PR) for weeks together

Periodical rest , compensatory rest granted, to the running staff department wise are furnished in the enclosed Annexure’A’. Every effort has been made to give required number of PR in spite of huge vacancies.

c) Forced to work away from their HQ for more than 3 or 4 days.

The average detention hrs including home station rest in the range of 13-18 hrs at home station and 09 hrs at out station detention which includes out station rest.GTL not allowing any crew to stay away from HQrs for more than 96 hrs.

d)Forced to work upto 6 comsecutive night duties, citing steam era HOER Rules which stipulates a impracticable and inhuman duties.

It is policy matter

e)Forced to work double the distance, in name of crck special and extendedcrew run.subject them to serve fatigue and inhuman condion of work, endangering the safety of personel and railway.Instead of reducing the length of crew beat , of late NDL staff are forced to work from DHNE to NLPD , by passing the HQ and working into other Division.

A crew has to work minimum of 120 Kms in a trip and maximum is not defined. Presentaly, the crew beats are less than 120 Kms which are under revision to achieve effective utilization of crew.

f)Not granted leave even in an emergency,forget about other domestic need and special obligation.

The leave is sanctioned to the running staff in accordance with the merit of the case of indivisual of the running staff who have requested leave.The details of leave availed by the running staff depot wise are furnished in the enclose Annexture-‘c’

g)Staff who fell ill and refused to be taken on sick list by Railway Medical officer under the telephonic instructions received from the CCC/Branch officer.

Railway Medical Officer is the independent authority to take his decision based on the health condition of employee who reported to Railway Hospital to take into sicklist or not irrespective of the advise/request any excutive authority.g)Staff who fell ill and refused to be taken on sick list by Railway Medical officer under the telephonic instructions received from the CCC/Branch officer.

h)First and First out rule is not observed at out station in SC Div.

Pertain to SC Div.

2) Demand regarding coaching Crew Link- 6hrs working .night-2/3 and withdraw the zonal link.

Maintenance of roster i.e.crew links whether 10 hrs rule is followed strictly.The crew link are implemented in accordance with HOER  and the 10 hrs rule focused as 75% on average.

3) correct assessment of sanctioned strength and filling of vaccencies regarding.

The procedure for assessment of sanctioned strength is advised by HQ/Railway board .These instruction are followed in to-to. Regular selection are being conducted for LP(M) & LP(P) categories.Once the currency of panel is exhausted , the division is taking immediate action to conduct selection.To meet the requirement in the intervening period , the senior most LP(G) of a depot are being utilized to run coaching trains after screening by the Excutive and safety officer committee.

4)Maintain crew link for coaching crews links strictly. book according to link.

Crew is booked as per links. Due to casuality only the links are being disturbed

5)Irregularities in sanctioning and calculating Periodical Rest (PR).

Every effort has been made to give required number of PRs in spite of huge vacancies.

6) a. Withdraw the unsafe instruction , insisting the running staff to maintain consistent MAX. Permissible Speed &  b) Stop running of goods train without Guard.

a) Technically there are no unsafe condition in running of trains at MPS.

b)Running w/o Guard is policy matter.

7) Provide ear-marked accommodation for the Running staff , who go or come pilot ( Travelling spare on duty

It is a policy matter.

8)Stop issuing unwarranted charge sheet to the running staff for failure , attributable to other department.

No charge sheet are issued where the running staff are not held responsible during preliminary enquiry and after accident enquiry findings.

9)Running Rooms condition.

All the running rooms in GTL Div. are equipped as per Railway Board norms.

10)CCC post is to be manned by Running staff only and not by a running supervisor.

There are 2 CCC posts are available in GTL. Both are filled with running staff.

11)Nepotism and blatant violation of rules in the inter- divisional transfer.

There are no irregularities in inter divisional transfer of crew in GTL Div.

12)Par pending over time allowances arrears.

OTA is being cleared timely in GTL Div. The arrears for the period 01.01.2006 to 30.09.2008 have been paid. Annexure-B

13)Up gradation of ALPs regarding.

Completed in July-2012.

14)Grant of transport allowance.

Pertains to BZA Div.

15)Instruction for substitution of Points man in place of Guard for GDR check is to be withdrawn.

It is policy matter.

16.MACP to be implemented urgently.

The issue is being referred to HQ.

17.Double manning of EMU/DEMU/DHMU/MEMU.

It is the policy matter.

18.Impliment minutes of Railway Board Meeting.

Minutes of meeting are the aggregate suggestion by participant. These cannot be considered as governing/policy matters.

19. Payment of PLB through bank.

It is a policy matter.

20.VCD  activation in Diesel Loco motive.

VCD are provided to ensure the alertness of engine crew and to protect the train from any unusual in case of non- alertness of engine crew.


Sd-R.Prabhakar.for DRM/SCR/GUNTAKAL DIV.


National Industrial Tribunal 8th sitting was on 26th November 2012 , to here the voice of AILRSA  and Railway . Railway advocate submitted their application and pray for to consider the Rly view.The NIT/Mumbai judge wants argument . There for argument will be started from 7th January 2013 onward.

                           loco pilots unity zindabad......


(1) National Industrial Tribunal 6th sitting was on 5 th Nov. 2012 to decide the privilege of Loco Pilots of Indian Railways. Again case postponed to 26th Nov.2012 since Judge was not available.

(2) Regional Labour Commissioner ( Andhra Pradesh) conciliation meeting between AILRSA and SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY was adjourned to 7th Jan.2013.Rejoinder shall be submitted in CD form by 15th Nov.2012.So as to send the same after improvement to concern Divisional Authority.
Railway advocate did  not appeared , hence represented by another advocate and sought time on the ground of his mother is serious sickness and admitted in hospital. 
Next date is 5 th Nov. 2012.





Dated on..29 th August 2012.


1) The Divisional Railway Manager /GTL.DIV.
2)The Senior Mechanical Engineer /C&W& Power /GTL. Div.
3)The Senior Divisional Safety officer /GTL. Div

Respected sir 

Subject- Notice for Relay Hunger Fast in front of DRM Office in Future.

I enclosed herewith submit the 
resolution adapted in our DWC meeting which has been held today in our GUNTAKAL Branch office for your favorable consideration.We welcome the direction from the Ministry of Railway dated ….14 June 2012 as a positive sign to go deep into the reason for the so called human failure in SPAD (Ref.Lr.No.2004/M(L)/466/7101 dated 14 th June 2012 ) which was demanded by us since long .This Association had raised voice against the confusing signaling system, inadequate and insufficient rest , denial of leave , working in short cut method ignoring safety item, amounting unnecessary stress and strain on loco crew by many ways etc.we have been drawing the attention of Rly .Administration on these issues through the various forms of agitations before administration offices.We are happy to see that most of the points raised by us find a place in the said direction. If 54 point of Railway Board direction are not implemented will become counter productive .This Association is of firm opinion that without much change in the present infrastructure , the following points can be implemented immediately ..

1) Stop under rest calling for duty.
2) Stop threatening staff who seek relief after 8 hrs in goods and 6 hrs in mail/exp.
3) Grant leave liberally up to the specific quota of 30% without any restriction.
4) Amend the road learning rules to minimize validity period to one month.
5) Amend periodical rest rule to allow calendar day rest as PR.
6) Cancel resumption from leave/sick&PR at night hours.
7) Redraft all crew link with 6 hours duty , restriction 2/3 night duties, calendar day rest , sufficient rest between two trips , bring crew to HQ. within 36 hrs.
8) GTL Division Pass/ Mail/Exp/links to be drawn up to DMM/WD/CT only .

These are long pending demand Your kind intervention is requested to reach an amicable solution at the earliest, to avoid the said fasting in near future.


Divisional Secretary



National Industrial Tribunal- Mumbai: Judge was on leave so the sitting on 21.08.12 was postponed to 18.09.12- MN Prasad SG/AILRSA / NEW DELHI




SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY / ALL INDIA LOCO RUNNING STAFF ASSOCIATION has called its zonal committee meeting on 27th August 2012 @ 10.00hrs in its zonal office in Secunderabad to discus and prepare for its program of action in view of RLC/HYB development.



 All India loco running staff association of south central railways complain to Regional labour commissioner / Hyderabad about their long pending grievances and problems , which were not dealt by zonal railway authorities .Same copies were sent to GM/SCR and all divisional railway manager of Guntakal , Secunderabad , Hyderabad , Guntur , Nanded and Vijayawada . RLO/HYB served notice to all divisions and GM/SCR. Accordingly conciliation meeting was called by RLC/HYB on 13 August 2012 in his office.

Conciliation meeting was held yesterday between AILRSA , RLC and Railway authorities. Railway has failed to give proper reply and asked time .RLC/HYB permitted the same and advise railway to submit their reply in writing on 31 Aug.2012 and to AILRSA FOR POSPOND THEIR HUNGER FAST ON 15 AUGUST 

AILRSA has been postponing their hunger fast program on 15 august 2012.

AILRSA delegation= Shaji . M.K. , T.Hanumaiah and other zonal office bearers.
Railway delegate ...Sr.DPO/GTL, APO/HYB,APO/SC, ADEE/SC and other officials.
Now once again AILRSA has proved their unity and strength , which can lead and form a path for betterment of loco pilot of Indian railways




Regional labour commissioner  / Hyderabad issued notice to all Divisions of SCR  and south central railway authorities , to attend conciliation meeting on 13 th August 2012 on resolution of AILRSA, WHICH WAS PASSED ON 30 TH JULY 2012  after zonal conference at Vijayawada. AILRSA demands was-

1.stop the inhuman  working condition

2.demand regarding coaching crew link

3.correct assessment of sanctioned strength and filling of vacancies

4.maintain crew link for coaching crews.

5.irregularities in sanctioning and calculating PR( PERIODICAL REST)


7.provide ear-marked accomodation for the running staff who go or come pilot.

8.stop issuing unwarranted charge sheet to the running staff for failures , attributable to other department

9.running rooms condition.

10.CCC post to be manned by running staff only and not by a running supervisior.

11.nepotism and blatant violation rules in the inter divisional transfer pending overtime allowences arrears

13.upgradation of asst.loco pilots

14.grant of transport allowance

15.instruction for substitution of pointman in place of guard check is to be withdrawn

16.MACP to be implimented urgentaly.

17.double manning of EMU/DEMU/DHMU/MEMU

18.IMPLIMENT MINUTES OF railway board meeting.

19.payment of PLB through bank

20.VCD activation in diesel locomotives

21.program of action to solve grievances above mentioned as--

fast on duty / off duty on 15 th August 2012 to achieve the demands mentioned above.If the demands are still not met , a divisional level family dharana will be organized in the month of september 2012.





BUILDING AT VIJAYAWADA on 18 th July 2012 .

Com.P.Madhu ( ex.Rajya Sabha M.P.)
Com.Sudha Bhaskar , CITU state general secretary A.P.
Com.M.N.Prasad , Secretary General (AILRSA ) and 
Com.K.Parthsarathy Joint.G.S./South Zone will participate and guest in this conference.




Railway did not attend today ( 2nd July 2012 ) also.However our evidence(AILRSA) is over .Next evidence is fixed on 6TH AUGUST 2012. If Rly. desire , may put up their rejoinder under affidavit. Otherwise proceed ex party.  

Posted on 02-07-2012.           



                                          लोको पायलटो का जमघट 

लोको पायलटो के परिवार वाले !

पीछे से लिया गया दृश्य 

सामने से एक दृश्य 

                                  मंडल रेलवे मनेजर को ज्ञापन दिया गया !

                                            15.15 बजे सभी के लिए खाने - पिने की व्यवस्था !



Loco pilots with their family members are going to sit on dharana in front of divisional railway manager office / Guntakal  of south central railway on 25 June 2012 from 10.00hrs to 16.00 express their anguish against atrocities AND harassment  by railway administration.Demands are-

1) Cancel zonal link and redraw the divisional level mail/ express trains link.

2) Bring back to head quarter within 36 hrs.

3) stop continuous night duty and limits it to two days only.

4) Implement 30+16 hrs periodical rest instead of 22/30 hrs.

5)arrange loco to work with short hood leading only, otherwise it should be modify as per electric loco.

6) Fill up all running staff vacancies immediately.

7)Introduce air conditioning in running room to avail proper rest.

8) classifie loco pilots as intensive staff.

9) Let us allow  us to maintain our social and family obligation safely without any fear and pressure.




Loco Pilots March to Commissioner of Railway Safety Office , Bangalore on 07.06.2012. 10.00hrs from Bangalore City railway Station.

Dear friends,,
            On 22-05-2012 Hampi express met with an accident at 3.15 hours at Penukonda station of Bangalore division with 25 deaths and injury to many. Railways immediately said the reason for accident is HUMAN-FAILURE, and if so, one should ponder for the reasons behind it.

     Mr.SAM PITRODA in his report on railway modernization stated that railways are dreaming to achieve requirements of 21st century with a bureaucracy having a mindset of 20th century with rules and laws of 19th century! The inhuman rules of 19th century under the HOER is the real villain in railways causing accidents. The Hon.Rly minister MUKUL ROY after visiting accident spot said that, he will use ACD (anti collision device)  extensively to prevent collisions  and ask for funds from finance ministry, but refused to say that, I will change the inhuman rules of HOER.
     The ill fated crew of Hampi express admitted that his eyelids went close for a few seconds beyond his physical control and missed the home signal. From 14th May to 19th May the said loco pilot was booked to work six continuous nights and on 20th May he got a night rest and on 21st May he was booked to work next night train,  the Hampi express. According to the HOER after continuous six night working, he got a night rest but after that on next night duty he had a micro sleep. Micro sleep is a sleep which may last for 30 to 60 seconds which is the result of accumulated sleep deprivation, mental fatigue etc and often the person is not aware of the sleep that has occurred. A train running at 100KMPH will pass 1.7 KMS in 60 seconds and if micro sleep occurs after a distant signal at caution, accident will happen. Is there any biological studies done for  justifying six continuous night duty rule of HOER which is beyond human capacity? To overcome this safety hazard of micro sleep, the RDSO recommendation of limiting continuous night duties to two should be incorporated in HOER.
     The excess noise pollution up to100 decibels in locomotives against the permitted 75 decibels by pollution control board, excess heat, dust pollution etc in driving cab contributes to early fatigue to loco pilots which distracts their attention & concentration on duty. The railways are so callous that they are not willing to standardise the location of horns above the head lights which will reduce noise pollution in driving cab avoiding rebounding of sound with coaches in spite of having a research wing like RDSO. Loco Sheds are not willing to provide rigid locking arrangements to control compartment doors and nose compartments doors causing excess noise and heat in cab. As a solution to cab ergonomics, AC cab was demanded by AILRSA, which will be heat, noise and dust proof.  Ex-Rly minister MAMTA BANARJEE had approved and declared it, but railways are not willing to implement.
     Visibility from the loco is a big casualty in long hood driving and SIKRI Committee had
recommended short hood driving in view of safety. But railways further extended the length of long hood 5 meters more than WDM2 in WDP4/WDG4 with projection of radiator room and battery box reducing visibility largely with a seant regard to safety. During rainy season visibility is further reduced due to bad quality wipers or non working wipers. The short hood working can be achieved by renewing old steam turning tables or turning at triangle sections near junction stations.
     The reflex action attained by loco pilots are lost due to un-scientific design of left/right side driving wherein a loco pilots point of sighting a signal from right side to left side in long hood differs. Added with non-standardisation of driving gadgets from loco to loco leading to late reaction by LP: in case of emergenceis. Eventhough there are several DSO/CSO and director of safety at board level, the onus of safe  run is trusted upon crew alone without ensuring visibility and uniformity, while a nano car worth two lakh rupees has standardised driving gadgets, excellent wiper, dust and sound proof driving cab comparing to a 12 crore worth WDP4/WDG4.
     The passenger/mail crew links are drawn by avoiding four 30 hours PR and mostly 22 hours PR taking advantage of the ambiguity in HOER. Even if four 30 hours PR is given all the 365 days crew will be on the loco if he is not on leave as their weekly rest does not cover a calendar day in addition  to their normal rest, similar to other continuously classified staff. Since the vacancies are not filled up for want of economy this 30/22 hours PR is also not been granted and loco pilots are booked for trains evading PR’s. The personal work done by other employees in a calendar day rest are done by loco pilots by seeking one day leave but one day leave also a rare thing. Railway officers ignore the fact that a leave denied loco pilot is a potential hazard, although they are keen to keep their posts 100% full without any vacancies!
     Railway board issued a circular limiting outstation detention to 36 hours as far as possible but many depots goods crew are put at outstations for 72/96 hours causing mental agony which reduces concentration on running duties. It is a rule framed when passenger services were very scarce to move crew for balancing but nowadays with frequent passenger services, this rule can be abandoned.
     Railways have kept the upper limit of duty hours to 13 in its rule book ignoring 8 hours duty limit of the  ILO Convention to which India is a signatory. But under the threat of DAR, goods crew are terrorized to work 13 hours and more in a loco which emits 100 decibel noise and 10 degree more temperature than room temperature causing early fatigue leading to lapses and accidents. The Chennai RLC had recently classified LP(P)/LP(M) as intensive through a job analysis but railways are refusing to implement.
     Under the name of zonal crew link extended crew beat is in force from 2008 and loco pilots have to work in 5 to 6 routes combating numerous signals and station layouts. The crew mostly goes in particular route only once in 30 or 40 days and looses the acquaintance that leads to accidents and it has to be reviewed.
     The crew is utilised for other duties such as GDR check of wagons, Coupling/uncoupling other than driving is causing early fatigue and both unsafe, to train running as well as fitness of wagons, as crew is not competent. Similarly utilisation of non running railway staff to assist loco pilot in sections without road learning under SR 3.78 is also a safety hazard.
     The crew has to ensure the aspect of signals whether the signal posts have power or no signal post itself and the GR 3.78 says do not   trust the signals entirely even though they are in favour and be vigilant and cautious and from these rule one can conclude that in no circumstance railway management will take responsibility to an accident.
     To ensure the safety of railways the loco running staff of SWR SR and SCR decide march to CRS office Bangalore to appraise him the unsafe work culture followed in railways promoting accidents, and AILRSA demands to extent the railway accident enquiries to the reasons of human failure too. We demand as follows, to reduce human failure.

1.  Classify loco running staff as intensive.
2.  Allow 30+16 hours PR
3.  Limit Continuous night duties to two
4.  Redraw crew links for mail trains in divisional jurisdiction          for better acquaintance
5.  Standardise the locomotives to retain reflexes with air conditioned cabs
6.  Run diesel locomotives in short hood only or modify as twin cab like electric locos
7.  Introduce air-conditioning in running rooms to avail proper rest.
8.  Ensure zero vacancy in loco running cadre.

AILRSA - SWR, SR & SC Railways

============================================================                                                 (15)

To know the real colour of Federations, kindly go through the views expressed by Mr PUROHIT leader of AIRF with regard to NATIONAL TRIBUNAL

12:26pm May 24
To know the real colour of Federations, kindly go through the views expressed by Mr PUROHIT leader of AIRF with regard to NATIONAL TRIBUNAL
The PNM Meeting
Railway Board
All India Railwaymen’s Federation
on 23rd & 24th February, 2012

Shri Umraomal Purohit

Shri Purohit thanked Member Staff for his appreciation of the Railwaymen. He stated that dis-satisfaction amongst the Railwaymen is growing on account of the large number of vacancies. There is a suspicion or a doubt that the Railways have no intention to fill up the vacancies…..

He mentioned that some case has happened in the case of running staff at National Tribunal. In his long experience on the Railways, he has not come across such a case and this is probably the first instance. The Federations are in negotiations on various issues relating to running staff. The case of National Tribunal has to be seriously taken up by the Board at the appropriate level, as there are implications in that. Number one

implication is that Pay Commission was headed by a Supreme Court Judge and he has given a decision which Government of India has accepted, and implemented. Now we are negotiating is a different question. The Labour Ministry appointing a National Commission and appointing a High Court Judge to inquire into this and say whether this

is right or wrong or say whether it is less or more. Does this look right in the eyes of the law. A High Court Judge has to look into that, is it right. Number two, scales of pay/grade pay which the commission has recommended, the Government of India has accepted and Railway Board has implemented. Does the Labour Ministry not know that it is the Cabinet decision, to which the Labour Ministry is also a party in the Cabinet where
the decision has been taken. And if that decision has to be challenged a higher Court has to be appointed.

He stated that this matter should be discussed seriously with the Labour Ministry and our Minister should discuss, or MS may discuss it at the Secretary level. How this has happened. Has at any time in the history of the Indian Railways this has been done in the past. This should be done by bilateral agreement. Let this issue be first settled where do you stand.


New Central Office bearers of AILRSA elected at 19 th All India Conference held at Bangalore-16 & 17 May 2012

19th All India Conference of  the All India Loco Running Staff Association  held at Com.S.K. Dhar Nagar (Jnana Jothi Auditorium),Bengaluru, from 16th to 17th May 2012, concluded with a declaration to intensify agitations against all anti- working class policies of the Government. Conference also decided to strengthen the struggles for better working conditions, improved Grade Pay and Allowances failing which Loco Running Staff will be forced into a direct action.
          The Conference unanimously elected the following leaders for the next term.
President                                : Com.L. Mony,SR
Working President                : Com.N.Sarkar,ER
Vice President                        : Com.Santh Kumar Sen,NFR

                                                      : Com.Prabhu nath Roy, ECR
                                                          : Com.K.A.S.Mani,SR
: Com.T.Hanumaiah, SCR
: Com.Ram Saran, NR
: Com B.N.Bharatwaj, CR
Secretary general                  : Com.M.N.Prasad,
Joint Secretary                       : Com.N.B. Dutta, SER
                                                          : Com.K.C. James, SR
Assistant Secretary                : Com.K.Eshwara Rao,ECoR
                                                          : Com.Mrinal Kanti Seal, ER
                                                          : Com.A.K.Singh, SECR
                                                          : Com.M.P.Deo,  CR              
Treasurer                                : Com.Jit Singh Tank, NER
Internal Auditor                     : Com.N.C.Mandal
Permanent Invitee to CWC             : Com.Gautam Das Gupta, Metro/Kolkata
                                                          : Com.K.K.Rawat
Central Organizing Secretary         : Com.R.R.Bhagat, ER
                                                          : Com.P.P.Govindam,NFR
                                                          : Com.S.K.Gautam,CR
                                                          : Com.H.S.Bhadauria,SECR
                                                          : Com.A.K.Dixit,SWR
: Com.S.P.Sahu ECR
: Com.TriLok Singh,NR
: Com. M. Kanakaiah SCR
: Com.Zafrool Hasan, WR
: Com.D.S.Rathore
: Com.D.K.Sahoo,ECoR
: Com. Ram Prasad,NER
: Com. Gautam Gosami,
: Com. R.C.Chowdhary
: Com. M.M.Roly,SR
CWC Members                                 : Com. Manoj Roy,
                                                          : Com.S.S.Thakur
                                                          : Com.H.B.Singh,
                                                          : Com.Sanjay Giri,
                                                          : Com.S.Radhakrishnan,SR
                                                          : Com.A.V.S.N.Murthy,
                                                          : Com.M.R.Jayaraman,SWR
                                                          : Com.Gajendra Varma,
                                                          : Com.Rajendra kumar,
                                                          : Com.W.K.Giri,
                                                          : Com.A.B.Thapa,
                                                          : Com.Gaurav Mittal,
                                                          : Com.J.P.Khushwaha,
                                                          : Com.Mahadev Bhatacharya,
                                                          : Com. P.K.Yadeo,




1.   AILRSA 19th All India Conference will be held at JNANA JYOTHI Auditorium, Central College Campus, Adjacent to FREEDOM PARK (1.5 KM away from Bangalore City Railway Station) on 16 and 17 May (Wed &Thu) 2012. You can visit for map and more details.

2.   Registration will start by morning 06.00 hrs.

3.   Delegate session will be Inaugurated by Com. Basudeb Acharia MP by 10.00 hrs.

4.   Zonal/Division/Branch secretaries to inform the reception committee at least one week in advance about the following. 
a)   How many delegates are attending the Conference and how many family members including children above 5 years.

b)   By what train they are arriving Bangalore and return journey on what date.

5.   Delegation fee Rs.500/- per individual, including family members and children above 5 years to be paid to registration counter. CWC members are exempted from delegation fee, but their family members to pay delegation fee.

6.    Since May month is a season time accommodation is very much difficult and costly, hence the delegates has to adjust with available accommodation. No separate accommodation can be arranged for family members.

7.   Comrades willing to go for sight seeing trip are requested to make necessary programs before or after the conference date and strictly NOT ON 16 and 17.

8.   The meeting hall is situated in Central University campus, an important educational institution, SMOKING and DRINKING is strictly prohibited. Spitting and throwing papers here and there also to be avoided.

9.   Reservation to and fro to be done from there only. No EQ is possible from Bangalore.

10.                Mobile phones should keep in silent mode in side the hall.

11.                Zonal/Division Secretaries are requested to bring their Banners for using in the Rally.

12.                Rally will be starting from the Bangalore City Railway   Station by 15.30 hrs on 16.05.12.

13.                Public Meeting will be at Jnana Jyothi Auditorium by 17.30 hrs.

14.                Credential forms supplied should fill up and handed over back to the committee.

15.                Keep your Luggage under lock and key, reception committee can not take any responsibility for your valuables.

16.                Climate will be hot. 

17.                1st May to be celebrated as Flag Day for All India Conference.

18.                Zonal Secretaries are requested to remit advance amount if possible towards delegation fee.

With Warm Regards....
134C, Railway Quarters, 

                  Pressure on Railway

NATIONAL  TRIBUNAL  admitted  AILRSA   case and  ordered Railway to file their reply on 25-04-2012.  Failing which exparty decision will be taken

In the year 2006,AILRSA,Beliaghata Branch in Sealdah Division,E Rly. took a small but noble step to organise a Blood Donation Camp at Sealdah in the railway premises keeping in mind their social responsibilities along with the rights & demands of railway workers.
 Right then,this organisation is organising Blood Donation Camp every year sucessfully with great enthusiasm among our members and other staff. 
This year this camp was organised by AILRSA, Sealdah Division, E Rly on 5th March,2012 at Sealdah Station( near Diesel Crew Booking Lobby) in the remembrance of illfated crew of Uttarbanga Express late N.K.Mondal(ALP) & late M.C.Dey(LPM) and late Arunangshu Mukherjee,Guard of Bananchal Express who succumbed to death in the Sainthia railway accident in 2010. 
This programme was inaugurated by Mr. S.Sengupta, Sr Station Manager ,Sealdah at 1100hrs. sharp by offering a rose and some fruits to the first donor. Other officials and supervisors of different depots were also present on this occasion and delivered their valuable speeches to encourage others to come forward this noble endeavour. In addition to that Com. N.B.Dutta,Jt Secy Gen of AILRSA , Com. R.R.Bhagat,  Zonal Prz,ER, Com. C.R.Bose, Ex Zonal Prz, ER and other veteran leaders of AILRSA  were also present to encourage the donors. 
Afterall  this programme was in festive mood. Finally, 68 units of blood were collected. B R Singh Rly Hospital, Sealdah,ER collected 22 units of blood and Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, Govt. of WB collected 46 units of blood. Most of the donors were running staff and they donated their blood either before commencement of his duty or after performing his duty without availing Special Casual Leave and also without hampering train services. 
 AIGC,Sealdah and other railway staff extended their hand of cooperation to make this camp a great success.  A small gift was given to each donor as a token. All donors were fit after donation of blood and  this camp finally closed at 1600hrs with greater hope and target for the ensuing years.    
 Report prepared by 
Manoj Kumar Roy, 


 Most of running staff demand by AIRF  ( as per their General secretary shiv gopal mishra LETTER ISSUED ON 21-02-2012 to his general secretaries )  has been rejected by  railway board since matter is under   NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL TRIBUNAL . 
National tribunal was set up by  Labour ministry  on 27-01-2012 after getting  more pressure of AILRSA . This tribunal will deliver their judgement within three month.


 09) WE HAVE WIN---MACP....
 Loco pilots Mail/pass/Goods of TVC,PGT &SA Divisions were granted MACP promotions to the Grade pay of Rs-4600/4800 from the date on which they completed 10/20 years service in Grade pay of Rs-4200.But the same was cancelled last year by respective Sr.DPO as directed by CPO/MAS.Today(22-02-2012) Hon:CAT/Eranakulam quashed Sr.DPO orders and directed Railway to grant MACP benefits to Loco running staff in the case filed by Com.Geomy george GS/AILRSA/S.Rly and Com.G.Sreekantan DS/AILRSA/TVC/Div, through Adv:T.C.Govindasamy.
  SOURCE--- FACEBOOK-24-02-2012.
8)        24 Feb 2012..........

 As per central  working committee decision ..a dharna  in front of Divisional Railways Manager /GUNTAKAL  has been conducted  against admand attitude of Railways board and anomalies in 6th pay commission.on 24-02-2012..All running staff are requested to participate and make it grand success. This is for you and your family. AILRSA always fight for your right and  safe guard the running staff privileges.




"Government of India, Ministry of Labour New Delhi 27.01.2012 ORDER No.L-41011/128/2010(IR(B-1)). 

Central Government desires to refer the matters specified in the schedule for adjudication, and hereby constitutes a National Tribunal with Head Quarters at Mumbai and appoints Justice Sri.Gouri Shankar Sarraf as its presiding officer. 

The national tribunal shall give its award within a period of three months. 


Whether the demand of the union, All India Loco Running Staff Association for -
i)Grant of Grade pay of Rs 2800/- ,Rs. 4200/-, Rs.4800/-, and Rs.5400/- to Assistant Loco Pilot, Loco Pilot (Shunting), Loco Pilot(Goods),Loco Pilot(Passenger), Loco Pilot(Mail) respectively 

ii) Determining the rate of kilometer allowance based on RAC 1981 formula 

iii)Grand of ODS allowance to all cadres of Loco Running Staff and 

iv) Revise HOER, is legal and justified ? 

To what relief the union is entitled? 
Ramesh Singh 
Desk Officer.".




6) Subject: Head on collision in between subarban EMU PASSANGER on last night at PHULIA/ER at 19:51


From: Tanmoy Roy  Sun, 08 Jan 2012 16:29:39 
You and others
The last night train accident at Phulia station reminds us the mishaps
of Gaishal,Uttar banga express at Sainthia and jnaneswary express

   The details of the accident at Ranaghat-Shantipur single line
section in Sealdah DIV/ER Railway at Phulia station are given

  The up Santipur local was receiving at loop line of Phulia station
for crossing with Dn Santipur Sealdah local which was due to enter the main line.

  According to source --- statement   R.S. Yadav the LPP/down train
noticing the put back of home signal and then observing the caution

home signal for main line but the train entered the loop line and

occurred the HEAD ON COLLISION with the up train .As a result on death and about 60 men was injured.Expecting pubic panic the LPP of up train Mr.Manaranjan Ghosh fled.

  According to the statement given by railway authority Mr.R.S.
Yadav passed the home signal in danger condition and the train was


 He noticed that the chips of speedometer was removed without any witness.

 It is not clear that even if the LPP cross the danger signal in and
enter locking panel controlled  by station the down train could enter the same line where the up train was occupied.

 At present EMU passenger likewise trains are servicing under
recommendation of ERMC which was violating the HOER. Each LPP has to perform 15 to 17 over night duties and they have to stay 48 hrs out of home station.There are very short rest break in between 2 to 3 train working in a day in our tremendous busy suburban area.More over it should be noted that one man train operation is undoubtedly dangerous.

 AILRSA has submitted Memorandum against the present link.But no remedial measure has been taken.

 We think that the accident took place only due to the present
unscientific and inhuman link .It  has been noticed in our Sealdah DIV. without any proper infrastructure,huge vacancy  of LP/ALP, lack of proper psychological test, train services beyond traffic capacity are being done by goods driver---- are the cause of day by day mishaps. All this  irregularities are being supported by some other Federation leaders only for giving political popularity.


 5) cwc/Gaziabad.
Central working committee meting was held at central bhavan of AILRSA /Gaziabad and following decision were chalked out -  
1) 19th BGM will held at Bangaluru on 16th and 17th May 2012.
2)Delegate fee Rs. 500/-for each delegate, visitor and the family members including children above 5 yrs.
3)Family wil be accommodated in common hall.
4)any member want separate accommodation . can give their willing in advance.
5)S.C.R and S.Rly help the S.W.R.

4) Meeting with recognized federation held at railway board regarding issues of  running staff  on 11-11-2011 ,but hen refused to give eggs.Unite to fight against cheating behavior of recognized federation . Otherwise except loosing ..nothing will be achieve.


3)  Nreu Citu

     Ministry of Railway has constituted a 4 member high power committee to review the Rest hours,Duty hours and other condition of safety categories headed by shri.D.P Tripathy on 11/07/2011. Now the committee started an open suggestion facility from the various corner.

The terms of reference as follows:

1). Daily/Weekly duty hours and rest at H/Q and O/S for the running staff in all categories .

2). To review list of safety category on the railways and recommend daily/weekly duty hours and weekly off the staff in the safety category.

3). Monetary compensation fot work beyond duty hours / breach of rest in exigencies of service of railway staff/staff in the safety category.

4). Resting facilities and other provisions for outstation rest of Rng staff, and

5). Any other issue ancillary ti the above or which may be specifically referred to the committee by the Railway board during its tenure.


NREU Zindabad..... Working cl-ass Unity Zindabad...
                                      1)    Adjudication
 All india secretary general of ailrsa once again raise the issue of AILRSA  demands  on 11th August2011 , in front of Labour Minister , to refer our case for adjudication since Railway Board is become  mute spectator and not resolving the pending early.
Review your letter number -1-41011/128/2010-IR(B1)dated:24.03.2011 of desk officer.

 2)  As per central working committee decision - south central railway has conducted mass demonstration   in front of  G.M. office om 21-09-2011.  All the divisional secretary of all the divisions of SCR. has expressed their openion and views regarding adamant behavior of railway administration. It was last from 09.30 hrs to 14.00 hrs.Later on memorandum was submitted to AGM/SCR.  since G.M. /SCR. was not available at head quarter. 

This delegation was lead by -1) com. G.N.SHAW. joint general secretary/AILRSA/SCR. 2) COM.Shri kumar .Divisional secretary/SC Division. 3) com Sd. Humayun Branch president / GTL branch / GTL DIV.  and com I.V.N.Rao.Div.Secretary / GNT. div.

 Met with AGM  was last around half an huor. with peaceful manner and he was assured to give and support all the legal and Jenine demand as possible and under his previews
Evening on same day zonal working committee chalk out all other program which have to implemented in future , if our demand are not fulfill .



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